Client Feedback



The quotes below are just a small example of the feedback and comments PLI has received over the course of 20 years. Presenting our seminars on leadership development and on identifying corruption in over 70 countries have been a rewarding experience for both instructors and attendees. For personal privacy and security reasons individual name identifiers are not being used.

“PLI covered principles and strategies that will assist the officers in developing a vision for more effective policing”. (Kenya – 1999)

“I would like to thank the team for this invigorating presentation on leadership. It has changed the way I lead for the better”. (South Africa – 2000)

“The workshop has reinforced my determination to be a leader of principle”. (Liberia – 2006)

“I am writing to congratulate you on the wonderful job you are doing at Pointman so as to impart positive values to mankind and help alleviate injustice and corruption in the world. Your initiative is fascinating”. (Cameroon – 2007)

“My life is positively affected by what I learned this week. My work and behavior will change after this seminar”. (Romania – 2007)

“This seminar really met my expectations at 100%. I really needed the experience”. (Liberia – 2008)

“Very well done! I have taken other leadership courses in the past and for a one day seminar this was outstanding”. (Pennsylvania, USA -2009)

“The Pointman Leadership Institutes training has benefited many of our neighboring nation’s leadership ( Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Central African Republic and other African nations) and South Sudan cannot remain an Island not benefiting from your well regarded services”. (South Sudan – 2011)

“At the end of the session, relationships were built, ideas shared and commitments to better communicate were in place”. (California – 2012)

This workshop is of the highest standard I have ever attended. I wish I had attended a workshop like this early in my career”. (Samoa – 2014)

The following comments are specific to two groups of Chicago High School students who were selected in 2014 to receive the same course as provided by PLI to career professionals around the world.

“It was a very good course because it gives you keys to success”.

“You really showed me the traits to be a leader”.

“This program helps young men learn about leadership and to become a real man”.

The leadership workshop made me more aware of principles in my life I have used and not thought of. I plan to use this in my military career”.

“This information can take me far”.

When asked if they would recommend this course, one student replied; “Yes, because it will help people become better people”. Another student simply replied, “Yes, to the whole world”. Back to List of Clients