Liberian Case Study

PLI’s Impact Within Liberia – A Case Study

Click on this image to read a testimonial letter from the Liberian President’s Minister of State

Pointman teams have visited Liberia 12 times, beginning in 2005.

Since then, the World Bank has reported that Liberia has moved up 72 places in the world rankings for addressing corruption.

Many officials in that country have found PLI seminars and principles instrumental in the development of their respective departments:

The world bank noted that Liberia had improved 72 places in combating

Many government officials in that country found PLI seminars
instrumental in the development of their respective departments:

“We have successfully reformed and restructured our organization using the
principles of PLI”. – Director of Special Security Forces.

The principles of Pointman have helped us to articulate our views on
leadership and ethics and we are applying them using our best judgment in
every aspect of our work here”. – Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

“It is surprising how the PLI seminars have impacted our performances here
at the House of Representatives and broadened our knowledge as to how to
discover corrupt practices”. – Chief Clerk, House of Representatives.

“We did not expect to have received so much wisdom and understanding from
the PLI seminars and we found them greatly rewarding. We are applying what
we learned form the seminars to make good changes in the Protocol Section
of the Liberian Senate. Work habits have changed. Employees are more
punctual than before”. – Protocol Division, Liberian Senate.

“The Pointman principles are a model that could be applied to the policies
of every institution, government or non-governmental”. Director of
Ministry Planning and Affairs.

After reading┬áthese testimonies and that of the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs (see image above), one may conclude that PLI training and Liberia’s improvement in combating corruption is more than coincidence.