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Transforming Cultures – Organization, Communities, Nations…

In its beginning, Pointman Leadership Institute was asked to assist police agencies in former Soviet Bloc countries.

Police executives there sought to adapt to more democratic models of law enforcement.

Since then, PLI has refined its core training modules and introduced companion products and services for leaders in public and private sectors.

PLI’s global training in principled leadership has borne significant fruit in character-building and evident societal change.

This training, however, does not come without cost.

Corporate Sponsorships

PLI offers limited opportunities for corporations committed to social responsibility.

Three sponsorship levels are offered. A corporation may sponsor:

  • Individual PLI training missions
  • All training conducted annually within in a single country
  • All training for a specific region of the world

The good will and public relations impact of this sponsorship is immeasurable. Beneficiaries include individual citizens, communities, provinces, countries and geographic areas. See our Liberian case study as an example.

Costs of sponsorships are discounted from the actual market value of PLI training. Each is individually configured.

Additionally, a corporate sponsor may publicize its underwriting of PLI ethics training and/or preventing corruption training for government agencies, such as police, military, ministry or department.

If requested, PLI will imprint the sponsoring company’s logo and name on training workbooks and materials.

Other collaborations available upon request. For specific proposals, contact PLI by phone or email.


PLI has trained in several


PLI instructors conclude recent training on leadership and ethics in Afghanistan.